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Edit: Ugh, if I get one more comment about SNSD sucks, they can’t sing live, that’s why they’re lip synching… JUST >>WATCH THIS.<< Seriously, when’s the last time you’ve heard SNSD lip synch, especially on TV stages?

No, I’m not talking about Sunny’s awesome choice in footwear… nor am I talking about SNSD’s sexy dust kicks in Tell Me Your Wish Genie. It’s time to feature more SNSD-fan work! Because you know how much I love doing that 🙂

But if you pictured Into The New World then you’re close!

Ah, that kick…gets me very time.

Damn, did I ever tell the blog how much i miss the ITNW outfits? Well, I guess that was before Tell Me Your Wish but then again, I’m a simple girl. So simple clothes like sexy sweats and skirts are more appealing to me. I also like guys who dress simply too, but you guys don’t care. I’ll tell you one thing I don’t miss about ITNW and its era… Seobaby’s bangs :X

Anyway, getting to the point! So you know how I’m a HIPSTER HIPSTA (what we at JPHIP call ourselves) so I gotta feature these super cool and custom-made shoes.

I gotta introduce to you Loser87 and her nice ass kicks that she’s customizing.

>>Full Image!<<

If you are unable to read my ugly handwriting in the 1st progress pic, I’ll tell you what it says.
1) 1 1/2 hours of prepping
1 hour of sketching

2) 30 min. inking/outlining
30 min. painting pink

3) + 4) 2 1/2 hours of utter annoyance and irritation
(LOL, you can see paint smudges)

The side writing there says, :

This is only the right shoe that’s like…75% completed…
I still have to work on the left shoe… Damn…


Anywayz, the shoes are about 75% done, both shoes : D! I just gotta finish painting and adding cheezy graffiti bubble background or whatever ;9 then theses babies are done.

I’ve got about 2 more shoes prepped already and ready to be customized ; D
I know on the next shoes I gotta’ make a pair of SNSD Genie customs haha

But for the last shoe I dunno if I’m gonna do H!P customs or go for some 2NE1’s customs Lick

I guess we’ll see after I finish D:


L87 D:


In case you’re wondering
These are Nike AF1’s
Size 5.5 in Mens, 71/2 in Womens
Original White on White

Damn, fans are just creative. And this isn’t creepy either (or at least it doesn’t strike me as creepy cuz it’s too freaking cool), so it’s even more awesome.

Video Credit: jnd402 @YT