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Actually, that might be me… I had cereal and a banana at 9am with my niece… and now I’m craving for some noodles D: But doesn’t matter, by the time you see this, it’ll be hours after I wrote this because I’m not pushing it live right away.

This is just a random video that I decided to post. It has no purpose to it really except to feed Taeyeon fans some Taeyeon sweets ^^

Thanks to one of our lovely staff members, Crazy51, I found out that I’m missing quite a lot on ChinChin… like how Sunny joins Taeyeon compared to the rest of the girls! If I weren’t such a TaeSu shipper, TaeSun would be my favorite pairing for TaeYeon. And I’d totally go on about how much Sunny misses Taeyeon and just wants to spend time with her, even at work ^^

But then again, I guess I should have told myself to keep up with Chinchin (even if I can’t comprehend all of it) because she always seems to have really good guests. Plus, she’s always looking  pretty…

Credit: Prot0908 @YT