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I was watching some >SeeYa and Davichi<< fancams when I came across these two videos of Super Junior… Very interesting… Other than Gee, you can also see Leeteuk dance to Park Jin Young‘s (JYP) Honey.

If someone wants to figure out who is who for me, please be my guest. Then again, I only (mostly) care for Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Yesung, and whoever is doing Jessica.

A comment guessing who was who said this:

ocher – Kyu hyun
emerald – Lee teuk
dark skyblue – Kang in
red – Hee chul
purple – Ryu wook
bluish green – Dong hae
deep blue – Sung min
orange – Si won
pink – Eun hyuk

i`m Korean ..so I don`t know exact color name TT

I have no idea what this is… I’m assuming it’s a Super Junior Showcase since SNSD just had theirs recently. I read in the comments only 6500 were allowed to attend.

Credits: Sunny270390 + EuNteUkseasoon1 @YT

But still, I gotta say, the best male parody of female songs has got to go to Big Bang. This was my first ever Korean video where I saw guys imitate girls and I could not stop laughing!

Credits: suisuipig + BabyJiYong @YT

Watch this old school video of SNSD making a tribute to their SM Ent sunbaes with the same song.

I also decided to rip and share 🙂

>>zShare 4.34MB @192KBPS SNSD-ILY<<

Credit: jnd402 @YT