credits; codemonmonseason2

No win this week at Music Bank for our girls but don’t get too down 🙂 My comments about the performance below the cut

Hmm..I think this performance was a bit more tiring than usual. With the loads of activities and the members getting sick, it’s no surprise that this wasn’t their best live. Hopefully the girls will have time to rest up soon or else they’ll freakin crash. 

A commenter on youtube said Seobaby has tapes on her heels…LOL is it true because I thought I could see stuff in her heel but then again my eyes aren’t the brightest. Someone confirm?

Is it just me but the part where Tiff sings “tell me what you want..tell me what you need”, it’s these two lines that irk me a bit. Oh sorry switch the want and need, lol. Not to mention..it seems that the “want” sounds fobbier than the need every time D:

okay i guess Tiff actually says hope instead of want but it’s still tell me what you need before it..still i get irked. :\ oh well.