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Shower Girl, CheerGirls, SailorGirls, Beauty Queen Girl, Party Girls, … who’s who?

So Codemonmonseason2 @youtube just uploaded this video, and holy cow I have NO IDEA what this is but I’m excited. It LOOKS like a new MV, but I know better.. it’s for a CF?

Omg the girls look sooo pretty~ and the sets seems pretty impressive, I wonder what is this really for.. a Miero CF? The girls do their fingers running through the face motions alot in the video.

Obviously, YoonA is the shower girl, Tiffanypepsquad leader with Sunny’+Seohyun as fellow cheerleaders (sidenote: holy crap thank god Tiffany’s hair looks okay. Seohyun looked really cute, like pebbles from flintstones! Sunny’s bump is so stylish!), and Soo is a marine girl. Jessica and HyoYeon looks like to be partygirls? Or they could be beauty queens like Yuri? Tae.. I can’t tell if she’s a police officer or what lol! Hmm, on a closer look, Yuri actually has 2 outfits, one is a party girl outfit with Hyo and Sica, another is a pretty white dress, hmm… actually her whiteout fit look reminded me of  Tiffany, it looked like something she would have been better at haha and cheer leader Yuri would have been hot too!

The girls must be really sick of heels, Seohyun kicked them off and then got all flustered because the other girls and the interviewer lady noticed. Well, what did you expect Seobaby, you WERE in an interview on camera after all! Aww nono don’t cry now, -hug-!

Anyways, be back with more updates on this later :)!