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Yeah, that was the only title I could come up… Sorry haha.

You all remember Sunny saying how much she hates loud noises on 2009314 Champagne because it reminds her of gunfire in Kuwait? Well…

Credit: Anneth021 @YT

🙂 Tiffany is so nice heehee.

I felt so bad for Sunny… It was so noticeable how uncomfortable she was. I mean, she only cringed throughout most of the Himnae performance! Seriously though, that also goes to show just how strong Sunny is. I mean, she pulled through the whole performance without messing up! Why don’t I see more people talk about how awesome she is?

LOL I know this is supposed to be a video that’s supposed to emit sympathetic/empathetic emotions but I could NOT help but laugh, and continue laughing as more people came in the video frame, when midget SNSD starting at 1:52 appeared. XD look at them! lol short legs, big bums… hahah I don’t know why… it’s funny to me! I went from going “Awww :(” to “HAHAAH!!!!”

Yeah…it’s 3:47. forgive me.