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I’m usually least excited for MuCore because there’s no winner, but I usually like to watch the whole thing anyways, esp now since we have YulTi hosting!

So one of the MAIN reasons why I watch MuCore is to see how YulTi dresses up! I think I”m going to start this mini fashion column for these two call MuCore Style Corner!


Tiffany’s Grade: D+

Okay what is that girl wearing? I like the materials… but orange bumblebee anyone? The cut is a bit awkward, no offense I think it’s a dress for someone with a bigger bust. And now onto her hair… personally, I still hate it, but atleast they jazzed it up with some cute braids over the forehead. Make-up is alright, they went back to the natural look.

Yuri’s Grade: A-

Well I’ve seen better days of Yuri, but I definitely consider her look pretty decent today. Her hair is flowy, her make up is perfect, and her baubles and rings are perfect accessories for her dress. Now the dress, I don’t really like it, but the colour choices are great and it fits her well. Excellent job Yuri!  

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Onto the performance. MuCore’s back ground is usually great, because it’s always so bright and big… can be repetitive at times but atleast its pleasant to the eyes! The girls are back in their debut uniforms, and today’s vocals were definitely better than yesterday!

+1 for the cameraman who manages to capture the mic pass on by HyoYeon again. Dig Fany’s, DJ, put it back on? You wont be disappointed today! Oh and yes, another +1 for cameraman and producer to be focusing on TaeTae during her solo.

I cannot wait for inkigayo! LETS GO SNSD LETS GO!

YulTi MC Cuts:

Performance Cut:

(VideoCreditsx2 to Super Speedy Uploader: Prot0980 @ youtube)