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…Well, it’s 5AM here so I can’t sing any cool songs haha

Alright, I was gonna make a post with stuff that actually mattered, in other words….news. But today my pops arrived from his vacation in the Philippines… and after beating him up from being so jealous, I got tired and listening to my new OPM CDs didn’t help me haha. So… I’ll only be posting stuff that doesn’t take a lot of brain power, cool? Cool!

Oh man, if only SNSD would do ‘darker’ songs like their cover of Shinhwa’s T.O.P. :T And am I the only one that thinks that 2PM’s choreography for I Hate You looks like it should be for a girl group instead of such a masculine group like 2PM? HMMM, I think SNSD should try it out.

Credit: MariahFanny @duamcafe, Zippomaru1 @YT

I think it’s also time to share some ‘illegal’ fancams 🙂 It’s way past my bed time, so anything goes!

Credit: Zippomaru1 @YT