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Okay, I just got home not too long ago from seeing Year One (GO WATCH THIS MOVIE.) and The Proposal (again, but I got in for free with friends, so who cares haha) so I’m a bit tired… and I’m not gonna put much effort into this post… Sorry! And if I do, for some odd reason, decide to update with another post later tonight, then expect some more randomness. It’s a little past 2AM (—uuu, time to sing a song haha) right now and I can’t believe I’m already tired! Hmm…there was something I learned about sleep in AP Psychology… something important that would explain this… Heh, must’ve been too busy catching up on my sleep in that class for me not to remember then :p

Not SNSD exactly… but it’s their song and dance!

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Uh huh…. rock, paper, scissor, shoot. Right. That’s how they were decided.

Miero Series:

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…Heechul…stop kissing boys already T_T

Not subbed but basically, Suk Hyun was trying to get different celebrities phone numbers and autographs and he asks Heechul for his phone number and basically Heechul’s speaking to him in formal language so Kangin makes fun of his for that. Then Heechul’s saying how he looks scared of him and he asks Suk Hyun is he likes him to which he says yes and responds by giving him a kiss on the cheek. Heechul’s, like, should I kiss him back? And as he’s about to do that Suk Hyun tries to kiss him on the lips which freak Heechul out and he’s like, “not there!”, LOL. Then they go visit SNSD and Suk Hyun basically in love with Yoona and when Heechul asks him who does he like best, Kangin or Yoona, Suk Hyun replies Yoona and Kangin is all “sad and hurt” and says how he likes Suk Hyun’s co-star better and Suk Hyun’s like, guess that worked out fine!


Lolol… >>Can I haz yo numba prease<<?

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