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Who needs Roommates.com when you have eight other girls to live with you?

Before I reveal the awesome things I’m about to unveil, let me give you a little hint while I also show you just how psychic genius I am. Kay?’

Click >>here<< for the full and clearer image!

Okay, so I woke up this morning because I totally forgot I had to pay some bills… With only two hours of sleep, I wanted to go back to bed until I got a few Instant Messages, one of them from our very own staff, Crazy51.

This is what she said:

Crazy (10:47:23): the girls were revealing the new arrangements on tenten radio
Me (10:47:47): Do tell! XD
Me (10:47:59): if it’s juicy enough, then i gotta beat Cindy to it
Crazy(10:48:12): you’ll love it..
Me (10:48:19): …..
Me (10:48:23): don’t do this to me XD hurry!
Crazy (10:48:40): TaeSun, HyoHyun, YoonYul, SooSica, Tiffany
HA! and you can only imagine my reaction :p But isn’t that great?! And just in case you don’t believe me, I also read up on news at JPHIP posted by Tama Mama and she confirmed it!
And the girls just talked about roommates on Tenten Club, turned out that it’s Yuri+Yoona, Sooyoung+Sica, Taeyeon+Sunny, Hyoyeon+Seohyun and Tiffany all by herself.
HA. HA. HA. Don’t you just love it? Yes, I know, it’s not exactly like mine. But I understand why, so it’s okay. In case you don’t let me quote myself from Cindy‘s >>last post<< about the rooming situation.

God, I go away for half a day and…

Guys guys guys, don’t worry! Tiffany gets this room by herself because it was a hassle to keep throwing Seobaby out while she was studying. I’m sure everyone understands and probably agreed that Jessica and Tiffany need their own room… But Taeyeon, being the mom that she is, didn’t want them [Jessica and Tiffany] to move in together because she can’t always control what’s happening [between the two] if it’s ALREADY happening. And what if they have an important performance tomorrow?! Who’s gonna stop them from tiring themselves out?! So it’s part of a prevention program to not let Jessica room with her. Goodness knows that Tiffany needs to be in best shape during performances or “mess ups” can occur 😀 and Jessica has responsibilities as being the co-lead vocal with TaeYeon…


See? Everything ALWAYS works out in the end. Always. And I guess now that SNSD just keeps getting more and more famous, Don Jess felt like she needed her Right Hand Man in the room with her to keep her safe. Just in case.

Oh! and the videos are uploaded if you need any more evidence. I’m sure if you’re like Cindy, you’ve been in denial… so you might need these. Note: PT.1 is missing. I will update this post to put it [on top of the other videos] when it’s uploaded. Thanks to Prot0908!