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Sooyoung and mom to appear in SBS “Star Junior Show Boonguh Bbang”

SBS “Star Junior Show Boonguh Bbang”
On the 4th, at 5:05, SBS TV had it summer special episode of “Star Junior Show Boonguh Bbang*” aptly titled “Eenguh Bbang**”. In this episode, the mothers of various stars were invited. Singer Moon Heejun, Super Junior’s Yesung and Shindong, Lee Jihae, So Nyuh Shi Dae Sooyoung, Kara’s Kyuri, Nam Changhee, Kim Jungmin, etc. went on show with their mothers.

As soon as Kim Goora, who at one time bombarded Moon Heejun with negative, attacking comments, met Moon’s mother, Lee Kyunghee, he began showing signs of cold sweat. Kim Goora could not raise his head when Moon’s mother said, “the reason I came out here was to meet Kim Goora.”

Mrs. Lee also read a letter that she wrote for her son. She wrote, “I’m sorry that I was unable to be of any strength or help to you when you were struggling with negative comments and baseless rumors,” and ended up crying while reading it.

Super Junior’s Yesung’s mother Lim Bokyung also expressed her sentiment towards her son that she had been unable to show. Mrs. Lim wrote, “when you were in school and didn’t study and only thought of music, I had no faith in you and broke your most prized possession – your audio set. When I look back at that time, I’m so sorry.” So Nyuh Shi Dae Sooyoung’s mother, Moon Sohee revealed that unlike her image, her daughter was very messy. She said that, “if it can be avoided, my daughter will not clean. It’s so bad that I secretly go to (So Nyuh Shi Dae’s) apartment to clean the room that Sooyoung shares with Yoona and Taeyeon because I feel sorry for them.” Upon hearing this, Sooyoung was very flustered.

* Boonguh Bbang is a fish-shaped bun filled with red bean paste but also is a term used when two individuals look alike (son looks like father, daughter looks like mother etc)
** Eenguh Bbang a play on the above term (Eenguh meaning carp)

Credit: aseo @ ssoshified forums
Source: http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/…9070301499.html


In my opnion, the highlight of this article is Mama Choi admitting to cleaning up after the messy Soo. Isn’t that cuteee 😀 My mom, on the other hand, would throw me the asian madre look and tell me to clean up or I ain’t going anywhere. Sigh…then again, I wouldn’t want anyone touching my crap.

hahah, i just love how honest Mama Choi is though. I’m pretty sure during their mtv days, she called soo out on something else (: