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SNSD visited SuJu‘s Kiss The Radio and sang “Tell me your wish”, “Ggul Ddan Ji” and old school pop song: Spice Girl’s “WannaBe.” They sang TMYW perfectly as usual, and “Ggul Ddan Ji” was a fun song, and Suju boys were making funny harmonies and we got to see SooYoung’s dorkdance in full blast, courtesy of the camera man. (“SUNNY SUNNY SUNNY I LOVE YOU”)

AND YES OKAY, I knew… I just KNEW ‘Wannabe’ was coming, just like ‘Genie in a Bottle.’  Surprisingly, we didn’t see our usual TaeJeTiHyun line up, instead we got SunFany and SooSica singing it together. It was refreshing really, and for the FIRST time, I was satisfied by Sunny and Soo‘s english –applause-. And here we can really appreciate Fany’s and Sica’s strong enounciation in english, even when singing. Definitely check the clip for this even if you’re too busy to check the other ones!

Bellow are the vids uploaded by prot0980 @ youtube!

Direct “Wannabe” Clip:

Direct “Ggul Ddan Ji” Clip:

For the full radioshow:

Part 1:

Part 2 (‘Tell Me Your Wish” included):

Part 3 (“Wannabe” included):