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Okay, if you don’t like me or you don’t like my silly awesome theories, go ahead and click your back arrow or scroll down to other lovely news because I’ve got my creative juices flowing again 😀

So read between the lines and G _ _ O while you still have the chance.

Cindy, disregard the above. Come in~ You know you want to~

Everyone else who is about to enter, just know that there was nothing else left to do and right now it’s 3:30 AM…. and nothing new is happening so I just decided to post something for the hell of it.

So I was >>reading some news<< and although I already knew all there is to know about what netizens are raving on and on about Tiffany’s >>missing underwear situation<<… I decided to see what Seoulbeats reported. I gotta say, they have it pretty accurate unlike other news sites so I was happy about that.

Though… Enough about all that and on to my new theory because that’s what you really want anyway? Plus, if I don’t get it out here, then I’m just gonna have to annoy the Boss Lady about it and get shot down D:

I don’t know why I figured it out before! I mean, it’s pretty obvious! What happened in that particular situation was this:

The reason why Sooyoung is so angry at Yoona peeping is because she knows that Jessica can’t keep an eye on her girl all the time! So Sooyoung being the Right Hand Man, she also has a duty to protect the Lady… so that includes over exposure. That probably also explains why Sooyoung took her off to the side, lecturing her about knowing better than forgetting her Spanky Pants and the consequences it may bring. It’s a good thing Yoona checked so Tiffany can learn her lesson!

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

Also, I figured out the unfortunate events at >>Music Core<<. The collapse of the stage was due to SNSD’s Thunda Thighs that rocked the stage all night. Such technology was not invented for SNSD’s thighs prior to the performance, and thus it collapsed under such great pressure. Because of this, we won’t be seeing SNSD perform on another stage until later this week when all stages are secure.

Everyone should know what stars symbolize

I’ve also figured out why Jessica is the only one with gay sparkly stickers on her face. Jess is not only the Don, but also the >>Leader or the Lezzie League<< so as a mandatory statement, she must show her support for the League at least once, just like her partner for the >>Group of Gays (League)<< did in the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun. You can expect to see more support from Jessica as this seems to be a >>routine thing<< for her now. That’s showing some mad support!

Tramp Stamp

Tramp Stamp and Dragonfly Fairy Wings! Oh boy!

Why So Sad?

Why So Sad?

I figured out why Yuri and Yoona were so devistated. Yuri is a supporter of safe sex… And she didn’t take her own advice.

Yuris first solo endorsement: Finger Condom

Yuri's first solo endorsement: Long nails? Finger Condom!

And the concequences of not taking precautions?

Well, there goes all of Yuri’s future Playa Years. Now it’s time to be a real >>manYuri<<, and be a father.


I’m not even gonna bother reading this………. wtf am I doing still up? I gotta get up early to go play some bowling and soccer lol.

Credits: Tama Mama for the pics, Someone else for the Macro