Ok warning, this is NOTHING related to their comeback.

So lalala I’m about to sleep but I can’t fall asleep… so I decided to post about some funny clips that were uploaded recently.

First, we have our FAVOURITE comedians singing to gee. I know they are so pro, they can sing better than all of us! (And yes I totally got fooled by the title T_T it said SNSD’s MV Teaser and I got this! Grr people and their youtube titles!)

Second, NO IDEA where this clip is taken from… I think maybe HF? Because I haven’t seen this before, but yeah Sunny laughs like a maniac and Soo talks about food, what else? And we can see TaeTae attempting to get Fany’s attention but too bad… Fany has outgrown her (0:44).

Third, Fany‘s famous bug screams. I almost added something nasty here thanks to Maria’s influences but I managed to refrain myself.

Last but not least, Yoon and Hyo decides to try to pick Fanys nose. This is also one of my all time favourites duet by Fany and Sica, so ofcourse I try to stick it somewhere in my post once in a while!!! Don’t they sound lovely? I LOVED their perf for Heaven, but their vocals here are definitely alot better (esp Fany)… and I loved Fany‘s top. Oh, if anyone has the mp3 send it to me!

Video Credits: Tigerphan05, PooYuri, tingkuhbell, and thicindy @ youtube