Dear SeoRoro Fans,

We need to UNITE together.

We need to SEND out a message.


We need to SEE this face:


Because advertisements keep placing logo on our adorable maknae’s face. Why can’t they make it else where!? Like on the shoulder or add more clear space it!? This is unacceptable! Any normal girl would feel offended to have their face covered up! I was surfing up youtube and this news section and has sparked my interest in this!

(Vid Credits: yuriyuri1111)

Sincerely, Soofany

On a side note: if you liked the icon of Seo, it was done by julayy! More goodies visit our graphics section. (But holymoly that graphics page was wayyy too much for mylaptop, almost broke my internet explorer when loading those gazilion of gifs… but then again mylaptop is old.)