Hey everyone, its Cindy.

lol and this time, this post is for serious. No joke this time.

These past couple of weeks has driven me off the edge, from school to friends to family. I decided its seriously time to get my act together and pull through junior year nicely and do well on my finals so I need a break from fangirling and all. As much as I love this blog (this thing started off small and unknown) and as much as I wanna stick around to watch it continue to grow, I realized there are just some other things in my life that gotta be first. Not to mention…lol I’m on this laptop way too much. I could be using all this time to hang out with the friends that are graduating in a freakin week 😦

Now..how long I’ll be gone, I still dont know. But I know for a fact taht everyone else on the team will do an awesome job taking care of the blog. I apologize for leaving so abruptly but my posts have started to suck balls and I cant even entertain anyone anymore with them.

Thanks for understanding and please keep supporting the blog (: