For this week’s Music Core, Fany and Yuri recorded a sexy dance intro for commerical breaks. It mostly focused on Yuri‘s dancing and Fany posing for the camera. As usual, Yuri excels in promoting a sexy dance image, SO SMEXY! You can just TELL she’s an amazing dancer. Heads up: Fany sported out TWO new hairdos today!

Dance Intro:

June 6 2009 MC Cuts:

Credits: iPomz @ youtube

O_O wow MC Core sure love Fany and Yuri… they are getting a lot of special feats that no other MC has ever gotten yet… they by far outshined ALL the past MCs. My theory is, SM is helping pay for these special futures and MC Core is only too happy to accept funding and add interesting features to their show.

For the commercial break/intro clip, I didnt like how they tied Fany’s hair up from her forehead. She would have been more sexy with bangs since she has big eyes. Fany definitely reminded me of her pre-debut clips and photos though with how her hair was tied up + make up was put on. I liked her new hair style while MCing though.

And just for kicks, I NOTICED THEIR MIC COLORS ARE SAME COLOUR AS MY COLOR HIGHLIGHTS FOR THEM. I wonder if I subconciously picked the green like that for Yuri because of Music Core… pink was obviously fany but I wonder… yeah no clue! Yuri‘s dress was really pretty on her, i loved how they are continuing the light princess/fairy colors.

Did anyone notice the “cord” on Fany‘s dress? At first I thought it was a microphone cord, then I realize its a zipper! Keke, and one last note, Fany sings Again and Again for a few seconds during 3:21.