Yes! New photos of the girls atleast! Here’s my fav ones: SOOJENY! Actually there were quite a bit of SooJenys, and no other trios… I wonder if villiv had me in mind :)!?


Hmm I dontknow, most of the shoot reminded me of their Gee promotion out fits and I swear they are wearing the same outfits as they did for the ellesse photo shoot last summer, but just switched around the color polo shirts on some of the girls. But I’m not complaining! Hehe Soo has a new hairstyle! So cute! Also a picture of Taeny (JUST FOR YOU CINDY)…  also some black/white/red outfits.. the tops in those colours were really wierd on Sica and Seohyun but I loved them!

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Credits: iPOMz  @ youtube
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And I was just strolling soshified, and someone has the actual pamphlets scanned! Click >>here<< to see all of them! I decided to just reload a few since I’m lazy… but omg apparently you can get these free in stores… *note to self* bug aunt to go get ASAP. I doubt she will though, she’s rly busy these days :(.



Photo Credits: anneth @ soshified + as tagged + sosiz

Oh and on a side note, who actually has a villiv? I have been planning to get new gadget after the summer ends, but I was thinking more along the lines of a new cellphone, ipod, or even an iphone… tempted to get a PSP the most though… my MOST updated game gadget is a gameboy color, and the other one I have is a gray gameboy.. oh wait I have a few tamagotchis and a neopet digital toy, do those count too =P?