Here I am, making another random post. So for those who dont know who Kris Allen or Adam Lambert is, they’re both from American Idol with Kris being this season’s winner and Adam coming in second. I know this is like old but I completely missed out on this season and I just started to listen to these two guys’ voices the other day and now..I wanna know who you guys like more. Please no bashing. They’re both amazing with beastly voices).

the song is the same for both, No Boundaries.

kris’s version


So who? (:

Personally, I think Kris has that poppish style kind of voice while adam has that tough, rock out kind of voice. But thats just judging from this one song. I’ll have to youtube more stuff to fully judge. FOr now though..I like Kris just a tad more cause of his cute face. (: