May 30th, 1990 our precious and adorable Yoona was born 🙂

First off, as always, all the fans would like to wish you a happy birthday and we hope it have a kick ass time celebrating it 😀 Dont have too much fun 😉

I find that my words for each member’s birthdays seem to be pretty redundant..so I apologize ahead of time for the lack of creativity lol. Moving on..where to start? Yoona just has too many beast sides to her i cant even name them all. My personal favorite aspect of Yoona though, is definitely her laugh. It is just the cutest thing ever, “alligator laugh” I believe is what they call it 😀 Not to mention your great acting skills. I only say great because I know you can do even better in the future because of how hard working you are. I wish you the best of luck!

yoona-271That is all and once again, i hope you celebrate this special day well with the members and family!

ps. if these imags doesnt move..which it’s supposed to..just click on it 🙂