I just went through #100-75 from Lychee Flavour ^_^‘s youtube channel and I couldn’t find any of our girls. Kind of worried now, I really hope all 9 of them made it but -_- seeing that none of them it 75-100 makes me think they’re not all gonna be the list :(. I think only #100-50 has been listed… still working hard, searching for list #75-50! Here’s some interesting people I found along the way for #100-75:

#100 – Amy (Girl who invited the same guy as Tiffany in that travel show… khokho travel agency or something!)
#95- Seo In Young (eww, I’m so glad she’s ranked so low, no offense, I think that girl needs to stop with the plastic surgery. Honestly, I think she’s got awesome style and use to be really pretty but her face is just messed up now. With that said, I really respect her personality and the way she treats her members.)
#92 – Wonder Girl’s Ye Eun
#87 – LeeYoungAh (This girl is too cute, you may remember her from iljimae, i was rooting for her so bad! Speaking of which, I can’t wait for iljimae 2!!!)
#81 – Ivy (?) Not sure.
#79 – Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung (Guess her buddy didn’t make the list since Min Kyung is the more popular one)


So along the way I bump into ANOTHER Mnet Countdown, this time it’s another Super 100 idol (2009) but, compared to the old one, this time 7/9 girls made it on the list! *Proud*!

#94 – sooyoung
#85 – jessica
#66 – yuri
#61 – seohyun
#40 – tiffany
#22 – yoona
#8 – taeyeon

Hmm what do you guys think about the rankings? I was surprised that Seohyun ranked higher than the other 3, but I guess it’s because she’s maknae with lots of talent? Otherwise, I think the ranking of our girls in “super” -cough popularity/success cough- is pretty accurate. So happy SooYoung made it! Wish Fany was a bit more higher >_<, but she made a 17 spot jump compared to the first list so she’s improving! >_< and I definitely wish Sunny and HyoYeon made it.. oh well.. there’s still hope in May Bride! (Though i doubt all 9 of them made it.. since none of them made it 75-100, hard to imagine all 9 getting solo spots in top 75 😦 sigh… oh well never say never!)

Oh yeah, in my excitement, almost forgot to post the video LOL! Here you go:

VideoCredits to joyceeishungee, super thanks for combining all the clips!!