Okay! If you’re going to be mean or you’re very busy and do not have time to deal with this whole post =P please click >>HERE<< and check this fan made video  out (uploadd by uploaded by tiff801). IT’S AMAZING. One of the best I’ve EVER seen. Other wise, proceed on!


Oh Fany ❤ how could we ever forget you. Even from the days in SNSD when you got a 5 second solo line and got placed in the back 24/7 you were still memorable. Even though it’s Fany‘s week to shine, the right side bar cannot be dedicated to her yet as our lovely boss is busy with exams and important events, so I’ll make another post to continue on our dedication to our mushroom girl <3!


Keke, glad you’re relieved Fany. So to begin, our title of this post will REALLY be: Top 6 Reasons Why We love SNSD Tiffany Hwang:

#6: Her honesty: The first time we’ve ever seen our mushroom so grown up and beautiful, singing “Sometimes. ” is also the first time where Fany reveals true honesty. Many people critcized Fany for asking the PD to let her have a solo show, but I think it was great that she was able to step up to the challenge and be honest about what she wanted.

#5: Her silly mistakes definitely helped us remember who she is! Fany has been know to make a few mistakes and have trip-ups in her early days, but thanks to that it made her very memorable. I shall not post about the silly hand mistake.. but I’ll sneak this MV in. She’s so cute, but I felt bad because it looked really painful. She popped up like a professional and kept dancing. I still remember watching this back then and relieved that she wore a dress, because if it was a skirt it would have fell down.

#4: Her vocals: Fany‘s pipes have always been terrific and unique. Before gee, we were lucky fans because Fany did many many radio performances for us that made us notice her voice. Included here is “Like Yesterday,” my FAVOURITE radio perfomance by Fany, and their first inkigayo performance of Himnae and Gee. Fany sounded amazing in both songs <3!

#3 Her Strength: We saw Fany’s strength through this clip and this clip quite a few times. I narrowed it down to two, the time she hurt her ankle and dream concert. But in the end, I chose Dream Concert 2008 as the time we fans have seen her the stongest. I don’t want to go into details about what happened, but there was a silent act against SNSD by ignorant anti-fans, some even went to as far as chanting WONDER GIRLS. No matter how emotionally battered Fany and her girls were, they did their best to give a performance to the fans that did matter… like me! Look at how happy and cute she looked at 1:57-2:03 (and it was some cute soofany moment too!).

And since this incident, Fany and the gang has been working hard, never gave up their dream, and look what happened with their newest comeback!? HA!

#2 Her charm: Each of the Soshi has her own charm, and I would have to say Fany ‘s is one of the most captivating one. From cute to beautiful, Fany has shown us she’s the master of both! Honestly, I wish our mushroom didn’t grow up so fast, she was REALLY cute back then… but I guess it was time for a image change for her. Nowadays, unless Fany  talks or does her cute eye smile, I would classify her as a beauty not a cutie.

Proof A: Clip of Cutie Fany with bouncing ball 0:06-0:11


Proof  B: Photo of Semi-Cutie Semi-Pretty Fany for Vogue ’08


Proof C: Beauty Queen and still a Cute Smiling Angel – Gee Intro Package. Here when she smiles, she is ADORABLE, and when she looks a tad more serious, she is amazingly beautiful!!!

And #1… Fany’s LOVE. For EVERYONE, for her family, for her friends, for her peers, for her coworkers, for her fans, for her members, for EVERYONE. I don’t even NEED to post any proof for you to see, do I!?!? Well incase you insist, here’s a clip of when tiffany was on the kho kho travel agency show. I’m sorry there’s no english subs as soshisubs2 is suspended, but here’s one with chinese. In this clip, Fany  pours her heart out to the mountain, and yells out “Because I’m in Girls Generation, so I can’t say much… BUT STOP BUGGING MY SISTERS.” In this context, she actually mean her girl friends on the show  but it also shows how much she cares about SNSD, her fans, and her company… she remembers her mistakes and tries to avoid it as much as possible so nobody will get hurt.

So there, 6 reasons ❤! If I ever catch an anti-snsd or anti-fany fan here, well, I’ll make sure you come read this and convert you into a FAN.. FANY FAN!

And last BUT NOT LEAST please take a few minutes to take a look at this amazing Fany Fan Made MV. I wish they had picked another song for the mv but the video is FANTASTIC. I super applaud the person (ganbuibal?) who made it!

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