tiffanyFor real!? No, reporter Soofany fails in korean.

Actually, okay… my title lied. I understood ZERO KOREAN. So like, I had NO CLUE what the heck is this clip about. I had came up with two possiblities and the first was one was correct!

1). Fany is visiting the set to cheer on the cast. Lol that guy (I assume it’s oh ji-ho) look so shocked and shy when he saw Fany hehe!

or (the real reason my prefered option!)

2). Fany is taking a small part in an upcoming show/movie.. because she is holding a piece of paper that could possibly be a script!?

So thanks to detective beanie, we cannot continue to dream on. It turns out my guess #1 was right: Fany  is just visiting the set and saying hello during her break from MCing for Music Core.

Btw, how do you guys think Fany looks? I think she gotten a bit tanned? =) I like her with long straight hair,but I definitely miss her mushroom hair! Her dress is a bit weird, but I do like that head ornament, cute!

-edit- okay i’m getting really irritated. Not only is my post REFUSING to showing up at the top (so you people can know there’s a new post), but I have NO CLUE why the youtube box isn’t showing up, so click here if you can’t see the youtube box either. >=(!

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