Edit: Oh shizbot, I forgot to mention that this is a song from Yoona’s Drama OST, Cinderella Man! Now you must give it some love.

I love them. So love them too, kay?

Who doesn’t love talent?! This group consists of my Lil Boram (SeeYa), my Lil YeonJi (SeeYa), HAHANONAMGYURINEVERLIKEDHEROUTSIDEOFXMANANYWAY, my Lil Davichi girls, and JiYeon (of new group, T-Ara). I seriously fell in love with the song after hearing the teaser. I mean, it’s a fun song and it has great voices, what else is there to ask for? Plus, lil BoRam is just so damn cute.

Womens’ Generation – Forever Love/Eternal Love

Making of (Arirang/Eng subbed)

They compared them to SNSD (Girls’ Generation) and Wonder Girls 😀



Lalalalalala~ AHLILBORAM XD kyahhh~ Ahem.

Didn’t feel like fillin’ y’all in with my Kpop knowledge so I tried leaving that out. You’re spared 😀 So instead, ENJOY! A post with no info but just videos to watch haha

Credits: Seeyaforeverlove + jaeuraznMV @YT