Hope you guys don’t mind me bumping the post. The FULL ver. is uploaded on youtube! Since it’s the same topic, I rather not waste another post (;

Credits: liebefur@Youtube

After hearing the full ver., I gotta admit it gives a different feeling than the original. It’s pretty catchy haha.


Preview Of Younha Singing ‘Gee’ R&B Ver.

It’s true!  The ‘Gee’ syndrome isn’t over yet (; Younha sings ‘Gee’ R&B Ver. It’s only a preview of her singing it though. Hopefully the full ver. will be released soon.

Credits: iPomz@Youtube

I’m amazed since it’s been almost 5 months now since ‘Gee’ came out. Then again, I’ve been listening to ‘Gee’ on my ipod everyday and i’m still not bored of it yet.