SNSD never messes up! Whatchu talkin bout foo?

If you remember >>Jessica sendin’ someone to the hospital<< then this will make more sense to you.

I have no clue why they decided to sing it live after the recorded version broke. My guess is that the record was just completely broken so they ended up doing it live anyway. Hmmm… looks like someone did some dirty work just to get SNSD to sing live… No wonder Don Jess wanted to ‘investigate’ back stage.

Credit: zippomaru @YT

Ughhh, I know, Kkangpae Shidae still hasn’t been posted. But for those of you who care to read it, just look out for it. It’s going to be Lady Tiff/Miss Hwang’s week on Tuesday and who knows, maybe I’ll post it then. Maybe to piss off Cindy? Or maybe I’ll post it on Jess’ last day, the day before Tiffany’s, just to bring it all together lol. I’ve got some ideas on how to make the post epic and explain everything, however, it’s hard to get everything down in a comprehensible (and organized) way.