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CINDY EDIT: I hope everyone knows that this title is a joke. Maria writes her post always in a very teasing manner, so I hope no one takes offense to this. Whats life without a few jokes here adn there? But to please certain people..I’ll change it. (sorry maria, :\)

And it’s so cute! Check out this post for more videos on their latest CFs

She kept messing up in the banana cf hahah

OMG SEOBABY! She just pulled a Sunny (minus the denial). She dropped the product and screamed… unlike Sunny who dropped the Portable mini PC thingie and totally tried to make it look like she didn’t with the most guilty face ever. It’s okay, both were cute. (anyone have that video btw?)

Anyway, does this banana milk taste anything like Yacult Yogurt milk? I know >>Ellle<< mentioned soemthing about it tasting like Penicillin which I honestly can’t remember how it tastes. Cindy said it tasted alright…Anyone?

30 Second Version

Credit: Zippomaru @YT