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[MyDaily Lim Eerang reporter] While the local media of New Orleans was staying in the States, they talked about their meeting with SNSD members, Tiffany and Jessica.

The New Orleans broadcast station site WWWTV.COM of the most recent Korean entertainers from SM Entertainment, reported that record during their visit. This discussion is about SM Entertainment’s system being introduced and is focused on the President of these entertainment companies, Lee Sooman and the best star BoA.

SM Entertainment made the group, SNSD, a star. This story is about the two group members, Tiffany and Jessica being interviewed. Tiffany and Jessica are the two members of SNSD that are fluent in English.

This discussion is “I met Jessica and Tiffany from the group SNSD. Both girls are beautiful and trendy. They also speak Korean and English fluently”, and this was the first impression of the two members.

What was also said was “Just a few years ago, both girls were attending California National High School when they were teenagers. President Lee Sooman used his scouting system to find them, and they were brought to Korea where they were trained. Now, they have become sincere popstars.”

While Jessica was speaking during the interview, she said, “I want to go back to the States someday, but I’m having a lot of fun being a singer in Korea” and, “When I first told my friends I was going to Korea to become a singer, they laughed and made fun of me”, however, now they are probably “doing really great” and explained how she became a different person.

Translations: kkbluvv@soshified.com/forums
Credits: mydaily.co.kr


I think it’s a new kind of trend, to find singers that are fluent in English. Possibly an easier way for the celebrities to venture away from just their asian countries. I know (for myself at least) that when I find out certain Asian celebrities are fluent in english (yes FLUENT. not that engrish janx) I am definitely more interested in them and their group.

And hells yeah, Jess and Tiff be pretty and trendy ❤