Fifth place went to none other than our very own Girls’ Generation. In my opinion, they were lower on the chart because the cameramen didn’t want to seem like pedophiles. Yuri looked especially fine in her short dress, it made her look like she had something that could hold it up. Of course, I’ve always got a soft spot in my heart and a hard spot downstairs when I think of these girls, so I might have just a bit of bias.

Conclusion: Yes.

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Credits: Jeen @ allkpop’s + original site

Woo! Our girls got 4th place! The picture they used for Yuri and Sunny are GORGEOUS.. i loved how the skirt and heels made sunny’s legs a lot longer than they are, but kinda creeped me out abit ><” I hope she gets foot massages and back therapy or else… well… ugh.