Keekee, it’s a good thing I got a hold of this before any of the other posters did… I just wanted to be able to have Jessica+Baby Mama+Tiffany reference in the same post šŸ˜€

That baby is damn cute! Tiff…when Solbi said hold, she didn’t mean hug XD But that’s one good baby, it didn’t cry and it was being passed around! This is a good example for my AP Psych class haha

But in the end, HyoYeon owned Tiffany. Oh poor Jessica, she’ll never have children… Or should I say poor SNSD as they’ll have to babysit and teach our not-so-well-trained JeTi? No wonder YoSooRi had to bring up SeoBaby before she finally went back to her mommies…

and no, that’s not Solbi’s real baby.

Credit: Soshisubs2 @YT