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On the 15th, Administration of Health has delegated SNSD-Yuri, Han Go Eun, Park Eun Hae, Model Lee Yuri to be Ambassadors of Bicycle.

Administration of Health has delegated these 4 girls because they wanted to solve various of problems such as pollution, lost of enengy, problems in roads and attract those problems to the citizens.

Ambassadors of Bicycle will appear in world-wide event, “The 1st DaeHanMinGuk Bicycle Event” from 25th to May 3rd and will participate in various promoted events. 

Han Go Eun said, shes really happy to be one of the Ambassadors of Bicycle and would really like to help the environment and willing to fully participate many events that relates to bicycle.

According to the Administration of Health, these 4 ladies were chosen to be the Ambassadors of Bicycle because they have such a clean image to the fans and the society. So, therefore, they are grateful to have them to use bicycles and be part of the goal which is the green road.

Administration of Health expects more than 30,000 cyclists to be part of the event, “The 1st DanHanMinGuk Bicycle Event”.

Translated by: FanyTae(John)@soshified.com/forums
Credit: Korea.kr


Not to steal ferrerorocher9’s thunder, but here’s an actual article detailing what a Bicycle Ambassador is. Interesting, chosen for her clean image? If “clean” means “fit” (and I don’t only mean the athletic kind) then Yuri’s definitely a no brainer! Glad to see some environmental awareness on behalf of the girls!