Some fans who attended Jessica’s “surprise” birthday party reported that:

TaeYeon was missing. Fany was in her hobo attire and no makeup, she’s been busy practicing for the coming Inkigayo stage. The girls and fans wait for Jessica and when she appears Yuri just ran to her and hugged her. Sunny was horsing around all the time. Everyone kept trying to pull tricks on Sica but she just got some cream on her face, nothing like Sunny last year. Yuri thanked Sica’s parents for giving birth to Sica and kept her in embrace. Sica blew the candles and closed eyes to make wish and Yuri also closed her eyes alongside Sica. Seohyun commented “When I entered SM Sica unnie used to make me sit on her lap as she was bigger than me. Thank you for adoring me unnie, but now I’m bigger than you”.

cr: silis7noy @ soompi

Awww… Y-U-L-S-I-C! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Now I feel really bad changing my avatar into JeNy.

Seobaby’s comment is really cute! She really is bigger than her unnies now. =)

update: I just found a cute snapshot of Sica sat on Seobaby’s lap LOL