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Today in Korea, April 18th, is the birthday of our sexy, ice cold princess Jessica. Yes, she’s hitting the big 20 (well 21 for Korean age)! I’ll leave out the crazy messages to be said by Maria in her comment…cause I KNOW she has something whack to say. 🙂 I’ll just say the more serious message.

Yeah, its crazy how quickly time flies, right? She’s already 20 *sniffle*, my girl all grown up! This past year has had its ups and downs for the group but I’m glad to see Jess still standing strong and still trying hard to make her way to the top, along with the other girls. Keep your head up and don’t ever feel too overwhelmed, theres always us crazy ass fans 😀 Celebrate it well and we all look forward to your future works! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

ps. What do you think of that gif? (;


Business Jess has always been quite hot for me, I’m sure you all will agree! Just thought I’d share (: