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[NewsEn’s Reporter Lee Mihye]

SNSD’s Tiffany and Yuri transformed into a news anchor and a reporter respectively, attracting people’s attention.

Tiffany and Yuri will show us their great acting skills on the coming 11th in the MBC program ‘Show! Music Core’, using a ‘news anchor and reporter’ concept.

Despite Tiffany and Yuri’s busy schedule with recordings and performances, they’ve put aside some time to participate in the shooting of a preview, showing their positive attitude and strong attachment to the program.

Also, it has been announced that Tiffany and Yuri will try out various roles for future ‘Show! Music Core’ broadcasts, attracting much anticipation.


The broadcast is on the 11th, in the afternoon at 4:10.

Source: NewsEn
Translation: Cph@soshified.com
Editor: Nerog@soshified.com


This should be interesting. I’ve never actually considered them to be actresses of the group (That designation goes to Yoona for obvious reasons). Definitely something to look forward to.