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SNSD’s Sooyoung has been chosen as the Kim Yuna of the entertainment industry.

During March 30-April 6 at Bugs (a music site), Sooyoung was number 1 with 39.35% of votes, in a poll for ‘The star that’d match as a figure skater the most.’ Netizens left compliments such as, “she’s tall, her body’s pretty, she dances well, and she acts well so she’d probably figure skate well too” , “In my eyes, Sooyoung unnie has the best athletic reflexes”


Credits to: Newsen Translated by: Hyunjin808@soshified.com


So for the record (and a frame of reference), 2nd place was Moon Geunyoung, 3rd place was Goo Hyesun, and 4th place was BoA. Oh, and for those who are unaware who Kim Yuna is for that matter, she’s currently the #1 ranked figure skater in the world and Korea’s best shot at winning the gold for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.

But yeaaaaaahhhh Sooyoung! First, the picture they chose to accompany the article looks awesome; seriously, chubby cheeks Sooyoung ftw! Second, I won’t deny her features being ideal for figure skating; that girl not only has an untouchable figure skating-esque bod, but she also exhibits a certain grace and personality to boot too. Triple gold medals in my eyes.

Apparantly Taeyeon won this last year too? Is it any surprise that these girls can do just about anything?