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What!? How can this lovely confused ice princess be thought as the worst tempered!?


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last post about Come To Play feat. SNSD and KARA, so I thought I’d update you all! If you don’t know, soshisubs2 has already released subbed version five days ago! Included are links, spazzes, and a summary~! And as the note above has pointed out, SNSD’s Ice Princess Jessica has been voted as worst tempered by none other than DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, FT Island, and SS501. To see which other girls won awards, check out the videos below~


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

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If you have crappy internet like me and takes hours to stream the video, I have provided a summary of the show at the bottom of this post… so I wouldn’t have to bore you all who just want to watch the show!


What do you all think of this episode? I personally loved it. Nothing like the power of 9(-1) and KARA! Wish YoonA was there too. There’s sooo many funny and interesting parts in this video I could not write about them all! The imitations were hilarious, Nicole’s “Chicken” imitation was definitely a new one! Then Yuri talked about meeting Gil and their “date” from another TV show. Gil tried to hug SeungYeon but she rejects him. There was a part where they cammed a couple of PDs who admits to be super happy to be filming these charming girls. PD1 was jokingly said to be not pleased because he had to film 3 men. The 3 men then got up and apologized and bowed. LOL! I loved it when they filmed Fany’s “pretty moments” and Sunny’s Aeygo. They also talked about their ideal bfs. SOOYOUNG -> POOR GIRL thinks she’s not pretty without make up!? EH? False! That girl is GORGEOUS without make up! What is she thinking!?  Actually, all 13 girls were gorgeous.


I read a lot of comments regarding how rigged the awards on youtube. Personally, I feel that it was rigged in some ways too for the awards, but in the end, WHO CARES? It’s not like it was a REAL award ceremony, the important thing is we got to see these 13 girls together in one funny show! Oh and ofcourse, we got to see more bright and charming sides of SNSD, SNSD fighting!


WARNING: below here is a WALL of words and spoilers. Use the scroll bar on your right to avoid this wall if you wish!


Part 1: The Beginning!


The MCs introduces the girls as each of them walk out. Then the guests on the panel had to admit who specifically they were a big fan of. Though everyone admitted they were fans of all the girls, each guest named a girl. MC Jaesuk even joins in, whispering out “Yuri Yuri”!


After, each girl introduces herself with a nick name while the male guests on the panel goes crazy cheering. Actually, MC Jaesuk went into fan-boy mode too! While old nicknames were used, such as : “Ice Princess Jessica,” “Brighter than Mushroom Gems – Tiffany,” “Goddess  of Beauty– Gyuri,” and some new ones were invented, such as “Pudding’s Jelly Taeyeon,” and “Fake Maknae SeungYeon.”Both these nick names caused a little bit of confusion. Taeyeon explained that her “husband” Hyungdon’s oppa nickname is Pudding, hence she is her oppa’s Jelly. While SeungYeon’s nick name is understood to mean that she is the “Fake Maknae” because of her cute looks, hence often being mistakan as the youngest girl of the group.


Part 2: Girls Awards 2009! A total of 45 top male idols were interviewed and asked to vote, including: DBSK, SS501, Big Bang, FT Island, and Super Junior.


Each award title was given out first, with a discussion of “who thinks who won,” then the top 3 girls were announced and winner was crowned! So without further adieu, the results are here!


Most Talent Award: an award given to the girl who seems to have most hidden talent.





Most Attractive Award:





Most Open Minded Award:





Most Bad-Tempered Award: (Haha most SNSD thought Tiffany was going to get it!)





Love Thief Award:





Part 3: Performance!


Honey and Gee were performed!


Part 4: Quiz Time!

The girls were to press a buzzer if felt the statement stated applied to her.


Statement 1: “You made a mistake on stage that just makes you shiver that you cannot forget”.


9/13 of the girls pressed the buzzer. Taeyeon talks about her a “kissing you” lollipop breakage incident and a moth incident (where a moth flew up her skirt! All the guests on the panel jokinly said they wished they were that moth). Hara shared her feelings on an incident that happened during KARA’s “Pretty Girl” promotion days where she stepped on Nicole and yelled “Ah”. She felt that even though it was embarrassing, that accident worked out fine because that performance became a hot search item and helped promoted KARA. Nicole also shared her incident where she kicked off shoes and all her stuffings… and OFCOURSE they had to bring up Tiffany’s infamous microphone accident. MC Jaesuk even asked her to perform again, and Tiffany was a good sport and agreed to it. After the funny performance was done, Gyuri admitted she stepped on Lee Hyori’s foot during a performance and didn’t even know it.


Statement 2: “Although you have tried to be humble, there are times when I find myself stunningly beautiful.”


MC Jaesuk jokes and tells Gyuri to get ready, and sure enough, Gyuri makes a big show of pressing her busser. 5/13 girls pressed the buzzer. MC Jaesuk asks her to explain, but she rebuts back with, “Is there ever a time you don’t find yourself pretty?” causing laughter, and the camera zooms in on Taeyeon’s cute face of disbelief. Gyuri also causes lots of squealing and laughter when she seriously stated she doesn’t have any parts of herself that she doesn’t like. Sooyoung, Tiffany, Sunny, and Jessica also admits to have pressed the buzzer and explains their reasons. Sunny fills the room with her aegyo movements and then MC Jaesuk asks to go back to Tiffany where she performed her winks for “Tell Me” performance.


Statement 3:  There has been a fellow celebrity that you have considered to be burdensome during filming. You can even consider people from today.


5/13 girls pressed the buzzer again. SNSD did their little finger pointing and pointed out to HongChul, who laughed it off and admits to have given socks to SeoHyun, YoonA, and Tiffany, but the next day he found the socks still in their car.


The show then ends and all the girls get up and say thank you!