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Last week, SNSD have officially ended their ‘Gee’ promotions after three awesome months. However, it doesn’t stop people to make more ‘Gee’ covers. There have been some ballad, RnB, rock, and hip hop versions of Gee. But now, apparently, the new trend is the orchestral covers.

Check out the orchestral versions of  ‘Gee’ below!

Gee (Orchestra version) by Korea Philharmonic Orchestra

cr: akihiro1701

Gee Symphony (Rock ver)

cr: walkermuz

just in case you haven’t watch these cool covers yet

Gee Hip Hop version (Jiggy Boyz Marco Mix)

cr: lolly1588
>> LOL I love the ending part!

Gee Rock version by Nemesis (a Korean band)

cr: zamscool

and… just in case you never see any Gee covers before, here’s some more Gee covers done by Korean artists.
Lyn’s jazzy version
Xion’s ballad version
G.O.D’s Kim Tae Woo’s R&B version
The D.A.Y’s R&B version
24’s No Minwoo’s rock version
24’s No Minwoo’s acoustic version

I think there’s more… but this is what I got from a thread.  Credits to oticeu2005 for the list. 😀


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