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No, not Jessica… Wait, well actually

We know how you guys love my posts, right? Right.

In an effort to spread the love, Cindy and I are asking for your help! And if you don’t want this sight to turn into a Jessica/JeNy fanblog every time Cindy turns her back and trusts me, then you should lend a hand. But you wouldn’t mind if it did, right? Right.

So this goes out to you, royal readers and lurkers of SNSDKOREAN.WORDPRESS.COM – if you don’t want to fall for another >>April Fools<< – HELP US OUT! (Please?) We all know that you’re dying to submit applications, right? Right.

If you’re willing to help us out by making reviews, posting up latest videos (subbed, unsubbed, fancams, performances, shows),  posting up the latest news, or just blogging about SNSD… Then leave a comment below (using your real email!)* and we’ll get in contact with you. Honestly, the more we have on staff, meaning more than just Cindy and me, the more content this blog will have. And we all know how not tired you are of my P.T.A. (love points to who can guess what that stands for) posts when Cindy’s not around, right? Right.

You’re going to help us out, right? Right.

I’m going to shut up and end this post right now, right? Right.

yoonyul“Gasp! I think Yoona someone needs me!”


* Don’t type your email out in the comment box. Just leave your real email where it asks for your email before you can comment.


Edit By Cindy:

Maria is…quite the loser. Right? Right. Okay sorry that just really caught on for a second…

Anyway, hopefully there will be a good amount of applicants (: Being the “boss lady” (as Maria likes to call me) that I am, you don’t have to worry about me driving you like a slave, but I do expect contributions. What you will do, Maria has already listed above. You’ve seen our typical posts and all so it’s pretty much that. I won’t ask for you guys to translate stuff but if you can, plus points to you! 😀

It’s a miracle that Maria and I can work so well together..SHE FOOLED ME INTO THINKING SHE WAS NORMAL AT FIRST..So to ensure that everyone on the team can work together, after you leave your email I will personally contact you (dont worry your email is not revealed) and just kind of try to get to know you. If youre busy, like…really really really busy (like..school, sports, jobs, clubs all in a day) I suggest you not apply (: Back to what I was saying, I’ll probably just kind of email back and forth with you, see how it goes and see if we click. Please dont get offended if you arent chosen :]

..and goodness, I love how Jessica comes into play in every single one of Maria’s post.

thanks guys!


name or what you preferred to be called by:
can you make the time to contribute to the blog? (if you have questions, I’ll answer them in the email)-
anything else you want us to know about you before we contact you?–