credits to codeanalysis for the wonderful quality (:

Tiffany does the special stage with Nasun again and then the girls perform gee.

Nasun ft tiff

I’ll be honest lol I don’t really like this song for some reason, but this perf I liked cause the Tiff had her ponytail going on, with the cute outfit. aww :] Props to her for being able to sing that high cause we usually dont hear her singing like that.


LOL I still can’t stop laughing now at Tiffany’s “girrrrrrrrrrrrl” after Yuri’s imitation. 😛

So just out of curiosity, has anyone’s school here been hit by the Gee syndrome? lol I mean I know my school, like where I live is litreally K-Town so the hit was just obvious but I was wondering about other areas.