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Kim Soeun has been selected to be the model for Clean & Clear along with Yoona of SNSD.

Kim Soeun’s company revealed on the 11th that, “Kim Soeun has recently set up a contract with ‘Clean & Clear’ that will last 1 year and 6 months.

Kim Soeun was recently brought into the spotlight by starring in KBS2 ‘Boys Over Flower’ and now she is on the same level as the previous ‘Clean & Clear’ models such as Park Boyoung, Yoo Inyoung and Ko Eunah.

Kim Soeun has already completed a photoshoot with Yoona in February with the concept of ‘Clean and white skin’. During the photoshoot, Kim Soeun shined with her perfect, clean skin and bright smile.

‘Clean & Clear’ announced that “Kim Soeun is a model fitted with cuteness, sophistication and womanlikeness” and also stated that, “She was successful in her completing her photoshoot that was aimed at the younger generation of women with her concept of ‘Clean, Clear and Confident'”.

The advertisement where Kim Soeun and Yoona prepared of ‘Clean & Clear’ by the company ‘Johnson & Johnson’ will be airing around mid March.

On the other hand, Kim Soeun has been acting in ‘Boys Over Flower’ as a mysterious couple with So Ejung (Kim Bum) and has been loved by the viewers.

credits: Yahoo, Korea.
translation: k_tyeon.x3 @ soshified.com


I love her! She’s so pretty and cute and her role in Boys Over Flowers is amazing. Ga Eul ❤ Glad to see my two favorite girls working together, I’m def looking forward to this new CF (:

On a side note, tomorrow is Friday for me which means I’ll be out with my friends for awhile again so updates will be a bit later than usual (: sorry!

p.s.s. New subbed short clips on soshisubs2 account. Theres this one on blood donation that I just saw and what a coincidence I just went and donated today. -_- Dizzy much?