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They only performed Way to Go this time and Seohyun performed her Jjala..uhm trot song LOL.

trot song

Way to Go

For some reason, this perf made me miss Tiffany’s short hair, NOT that her long hair is bad (it was actually pretty darn hot here) but yeah I miss the cute hair šŸ˜¦
My favorite outfits here gotta go to Yul and Taeyeon, they also win for best hair for me lol. What about you? Actually Yul’s hair is always perfect in my opinion, jealous. I just love the school girl themed outfit with the loose tie. Its the ties I tell you that always get to me! šŸ˜€ It kind of reminds me of Jan Di and her school girl outfits (Boys over Flowers in case youre wondering who the heck Jan Di is).

Tiffany baby’s skirt is a bit short..but I guess its cause people with bigger..uhm bums..wear short stuff to conceal the size of it. I’m actually serious, a friend told me that because we were talking about girls that wear skirts every freakin day at our school (EVEN WHEN THERES SNOW!) but yeah. I love her “SET ME FREE MY BOYYY”.

From 2:37 onward while Tae sings her “ohhh” line…did anyone ever notice how fierce and..hot some of them look? They’re faces are all serious. Hm, I’ve noticed something new now (: Especially Ms Kwon. Yuri is just too beast (no no no..tiff is my number one. GO AWAYY)

Enjoy !