Heres the videos related to their Popular Song perf from today. Yep this is where they performed Dear Mom.

credits; codeanalysis

Seohyun performing the trot song

Dear Mom

The girls looked beautiful in their dresses. And yep, those pictures hanging up there are the girls and their mom’s. Poor Tiff had to sit in a chair though..gah my poor mushroom. From what I read too, the girls had to record this perf three times. First two times Taengoo was crying too much.. šŸ˜¦ You can just feel the emotions the girls are putting into this song.
The baby pictures were absolutly adorable ā¤ I think some of the girls were standing right under their own pictures (not 100% suree). Anyway, this was a beautiful performance. This song just shows off their vocals.

Also, Class Up has been subbed by soshisubs2 (: