..since this blog’s been up and running :O Crazy stuff..

Although this isnt a big, famous site, it’s only right to make a little post dedicated to this one year anniversary. 😛

This blog honestly started off…really randomly. It was late, I was bored and I had just started becoming a SNSD fan. I seriously thought this was going to be a very very short lived hobby. A week at the most, but that one week turned into a month, two months, and now a year. This site only really took off with the Hollywood Bowl pictures, which definitely attracted a lot of viewers. lol I remember being so happy hitting 100 views per week or so and now, well add a few more zeros and a bigger number at the front. Ah this blog has grown ❤ Hopefully this blog helped many readers convert to soshi fans and even learn more about the girls. Which leads me to…the readers! Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog non-stop, whether it was through commenting or just simply by reading. THANKS!

Although I havent been able to really get to know you all personally I have been fortunate enough to meet some pretty tight people, one of course def. being that sLaVe girl… 😀 She offered out of the blue to help me run this blog while I was in Japan last summer which I am thankful for even if she throws me off the walls with her stupid JeNy crap (dont get me wrong I love JeNy..but TaeNy ftw seriously..ftw.) Nonetheless, thanks bro. From editing my typos, to posting stuff, and for just making my AIM days more entertaining. Your birthday is comin up, I promise you’ll love what I got in store 😀 Someday..youre coming up here to see me and to experience my robot weather muahahah.

Okay, well time to end this long post. Thanks everyone for the fantastic support ❤