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“She’s so mischievous. She just never stops pulling pranks on us. She would always put a fake bug on our beds. One time she even tied all our shoes and ran away” (Sooyoung)

In response to Sooyoung’s complaint, Yuri merely laughed. Yuri replied “Heeing~ I don’t know. It’s so fun, I can’t help myself”. All members were dumbfounded by Yuri’s response, but soon they all giggled.

She can play baseball, basketball, and various other sports. When Yuri pitched at a baseball event, her skilled pitching surprised everyone. People said her pitching reminded them of a major league baseball player Kim Byunghun and gave her the nickname ‘BK Yuri’. An athletic Yuri is also very playful and has a bright personality.

“Sometimes, I’m curious about who I am. I think my personality is like a kaleidoscope, because my personality has various aspects.” said Yuri as she fidgeted with her fingers. Then her eyes flashed.

“Since I was little, I had so much curiosity over everything. It really bothers me when I don’t try out everything. You know how there’s a kid who is always curious about what his/her mom packed for lunch? I was that kid; I would always open my lunch during 1st hour”. (laughs)

She tried out acting by being on a sitcom ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ in 2007. Yuri said, “I wanted to try out everything: acting, singing, and dancing. That’s because I’m curious about what my limit is”. I guess her endless curiosity is responsible for her endless talent.

“I want to try out something, which people don’t expect me to try out. Also, I would like to be in an unimaginable situation.” added Yuri. However, she doesn’t have a greed for worldly pleasures.

“Even though people may say I don’t have the mindset of a professional, I’m not really interested in things like ‘1 million album sales’ or ‘Promoting Overseas’. I just want to do something which will bring joy to people. If you didn’t know, I’m a happy virus. I think you’re already infected by it. Are you ok?”

written by Song Hyejin enavel@chosun.com
picture by Kim Seungwan wanfoto@chosun.com
translation by cathode@soshified.com/forums


Seriously, this girl just has SO MANY personalities to her. I love it ❤ My favorite side is def that prankster side though. And the fact that she just giggles after they talk about it, is just win. AND SHES ATHELTIC <333 Kyaaaaa 😀