Yes I’m embedding today (: Got a good couple of videos and then a preview of SNSD singing Christina Aguilera’s Come On Over. AMAZING.

Lets Talk About…Tiff’s dancing. hahah this is old but its just two clips of Yul bringing up Tiff’s dance skills (: I love how Yul is always the one bringing it up but she always backs her up in the end ❤

Bullied Tiff Collection (LOL. Yoona you bad girl tsk tsk.) I will forever love the bye kitty scene. Adorable giggles and Tiff’s scream. “HAJIMAAAA”

credits for both vids; popbuggy

KBS Entertainment News Time

credits; soshisubs2

Talk about all the soshisubs vids i gotta catch up on..

and now here is the link to listen to come on over preview. amazing.


OH video here fan cam

credits; codeanalysis