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sooyoung-44Its February 10th aka Sooyoung’s birthday!!! Happy 20th Birthday you gangstuh girl you! (korean age) 😛

I have to say, the name cheerful princess suits you so well. Youre always so bright and bubbly in front of a camera, its mad contagious and it makes me just as bubbly. Theres never a dull moment with you. Your prankster ways, your gangstuh style, and your pimpin lifestyle ❤ I mean really, you and Yul are just the biggest jokesters out there. Keeping your scary make up on and hiding behind pianos and trying to scare the other members. And how are you gangstuh? Well, check out this gif

sooyoung-89And how are you a pimp? Well…

sooyoung-and-yuri-44Theres def a million more pictures/gif to prove my point..but..well I gotta save some for pics of the month/week dont I?

hahah but to be serious, you really are one hell of a chill girl. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating it with your loved ones and dont lose that shikshin image, EAT LOTS GIRL. Lots nad lots of good, yummy cake.

Happy birthday (: