Energy Song 2, Gee Performance, Mobile Rankings! (:

credits; codeanalysis

Energy Song

Omgosh office lady yoon ❤

Mobile Ranking

Soo Tae and Yul together..and what do you get? A mix of cuteness and dorkiness. hahahaha SooRi was adorable in the beginning. Just like the UM days. “koh jid mal koh jid mal koh jid mal!”
Oh my gosh when SooRi was talking about Strong Baby and Soo kicked her leg up. This is why I love Soori. “CLAP CLAP CLAP” 😀 Then we get to experience tae’s amajjing engrish again hehe.

Gee Perf

Was Yul scratching her head during her line at 2:20s ish? Either way that smile is a killer :]

Girls Won Number 1 again!!!
credits; rebt11

Maknae spoke here! I mean I know she talks but I usually dont see her talking during the Thank You speeches so its good to hear her (: @1:25ish when they were doing the group hug, I love how Soo just towers over everyone and she just places her chin on someone’s shoulder for the group hug.  Honestly I wonder..if any fans catch those flowers hahaha.