Girls’ Generation has appeared on male site Complex.com (For a feeling of what the site is like, just look at their tag line: “Buy.Collect.Obsess – The original buyer’s guide for men.” Ugh). Titled “Meet Korea’s 9-Girl Pop Supergroup,” the article includes an introduction to their hit song “Gee,” and calls it “stupidly, stupidly addictive.”

It goes on to say, “Though SNSD may appear to consist of faceless Korean fembots, there really are nine distinct people in the group,” and proceeds to give individual photos and profile descriptions on each member.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation has won #1 for “Gee” in January 16th’s KBS “Music Bank,” January 18th’s SBS “Popular Song,” and January 23rd’s “Music Bank.” They have even ranked #1 for two weeks in a row on “Music Bank,” where they haven’t even performed yet.

The “Gee” syndrome has definitely been spreading through the music itself but also ringtones, the “Gee” dance, the lively choreography, the vintage fashion of their T-shirts, and it looks like this fever will keep catching on for now.

Source: Newsen + Complex
Credit: heygingersnap @ http://seoulfull.wordpress.com + soshified.com
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