credits; zippomaru

Girls performed in the snow 😦 I saw pictures earlier and some said it was snowing pretty hard in some parts of Korea.

Vids under the cut

TaeNy Talk Cam

Yuri baby baby cam

Oh nooo Yuriah almost slipped :[ THis is the problem when performing in snow…and you can def see their breath, gosh its freezing. On a happy note, TaerRi <33

Yuri during GG

The freakin stage is dangerous and the poor black pearl slipped again. Ahh 😦 LOL she would skate her way out when its her part. Cutie. And then she waves ❤ ahahahhahaha and then she throws snow. I swear she is so entertaining to watch on stage.

yuri during GEe

LOL Taeri again ❤ And was she about to fall so she grabbed onto Sunny Bunny at :57 seconds?? hahah adorable. You can spot Soo laughing at yul (who almost slipped again lol well i think) at 2:50ish. ..and then she really almost slips again after that. Its amazing Yul didnt break something already.

Gee fan cam

Damn the stage probably iced over…they’re all moving really carefully. If that were me on stage, well I wouldve fallen over and broke my butt, exactly what I do everytime black ice hits here -__-.

Yul during Himnae

LOL who sees her cute lil outburst of laughter at 1:44. and then at 2:32ish she starts fluffing the snow out of her hair.


I dont get it….Girls generation is playing but theyre all backstage. awww tae is so cute. she couldnt put her hood on and the manager helped her…and then he gave her his coat! What a nice guy haha 😀

Baby baby fan cam: i got lazyto watch this so I have no idea whats in it


Stalker cam of jess and hyo lol

And zippomaru just upped a million more…you guys can check it out yourselves -_-