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And not in the ill-matic supa sonic hipnotic funky fresh way either.

Yul’s been sick since before January though. Or so that’s what they say. and tae’s been getting sick SO often lately. They’re givng her too much work. Sunny collapsed so I know she’s definitely sick 😦
I heard Jess got sick, but I’m not sure if it’s enough for the hospital. Either way, they should feed her and Tiff.
Sooyoung, just give her 10 days worth of food and she’ll be fine XD

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If you stalk JPHIP, then you might agree that Yuri should get a little bit more sick so she can rest in the hospital and not have to work with the rest of the girls. She’s been going at it for days now and she’s finally getting help. And what’s up with TaeYeon not being able to get her IV just because her doctor wasn’t there?!

I bet if her ass were drunk and they needed to sober her up quick, they wouldn’t think twice. But she’s sick and now suddenly she needs a special doctor? That’s just weird. And I’m sorry for jinxing SooYoung >.< I hope I didn’t do the same for Jess lol. But we shouldn’t worry, she get’s enough sleep I’m sure. Then again, I said SooYoung gets enough food… I mean, at least it looks like it, now that Tiff and Jessica look like they’ve been bullied out of their breakfast, lunch, and dinner 😡

I just hope YoonA, who just wrapped up her drama and went straight to work again, is doing fine. Same with Seobaby and HyoYeon. It’d be a shame for all 9 to have to share a room in the hospital (do they even have rooms that big?!). Plus, who’s gonna take care of Tiff’s pup?!

….Wait… Ever since they got that pup… the girls have been dropping like flies… :O! What if that puppy was planted to catch Tiff’s attention by an anti and was specially designed to be an undercover STAND, modified to make toxin with it’s poop?! No wonder Sunny the no.1 pooper scooper (watch MTV Lifestyles: SooYoung) and TaeYeon the mommy were the first to take a hit!